Dispersed Alarms

Dispersed Alarms

A dispersed alarm (sometimes known as community alarm) means you can call for help from anywhere in your home. If you or your family are concerned that you might fall and not be able to get up, by carrying a small radio device – often called a portable trigger or pendant – means you will be able to set off an alarm telephone call just by pressing a button.

The alarm just plugs into your standard phone socket, you can even answer an incoming call by pressing the pendant if you can’t get to the telephone quickly.

Having a good dispersed alarm can give you the confidence to continue living at home independently, knowing that help is at hand if you need it.

English Security supplies and installs dispersed alarms and we offer flexible maintenance contracts to Housing Associations and Councils through out East Anglia at highly competitive rates for all types, size and age of community alarm.

Telecare Equipment

Examples of Telecare equipment includes fall detectors, bed sensors, chair sensors, movement detectors, smoke alarms and temperature sensors. To have Telecare equipment you first need to have a dispersed alarm or a warden call system to enable the telecare equipment to link to the control room or on site warden.
Telecare equipment is triggered automatically. The equipment will detect a problem and make the call to the control room. They will ensure an appropriate response is made by family, friends, carers, emergency services or on site warden.
Dementia units – the call system which protects your residents and their right to privacy. The Dementia Care System is installed into

Individual residents rooms and integrates with nurse call systems, providing a total and non-intrusive monitoring and emergency call system for the care of residents suffering from confusion as a result of Alzheimer’s or other Dementia disorders

  • Automatic guidance by light
  • In room fall detection
  • Incontinence alert
  • Wandering monitor
  • Resident behavior profiling