Access and Door Entry

English Security offers a range of door entry and access systems, standalone or networked they are designed to suit are customers exact needs, providing excellent levels of quality and reliability at a competitive price.

Above all, our systems are designed to be exceptionally easy to use. As an independent company, we are able to specify a range of quality products from leading manufactures using the very latest technology including biometric finger scan identification readers.

Access Systems

  • SSAIB accredited
  • Standalone access systems provide a cost effective solution for small premises with as little as one or two doors requiring limited access
  • Larger networked systems can be PC controlled, becoming a powerful management tool enabling the control and monitoring of access to any number of doors
  • Various reader technologies can be used, including, keypad, card swipe, biometric and proximity tag
  • Cards can be dual purpose access and ID cards
  • Vandal resistant products are available for extra security
  • Electro-magnetic door locks

Biometric readers – No cards, keys or even pins required!

Finger scan identification is the ultimate biometric reader for physical access to facilities. This reader eliminates the need for pins, keys or cards to gain access to secure areas. To gain access the user simply places their finger on the reader and in less than one second the reader confirms or denies access based on a database of finger scans from authorized users.

Door Entry Systems are installed with wall mounted telephones located in a convenient location within the dwelling, connected to a door entry call panel’ at the main entrance, allowing the resident to speak to a visitor and let them by releasing the electronic door lock with a press of the button on their telephone handset.

  • Installed and maintained with any number of dwellings
  • Vandal resistant entry panels for extra security
  • Call points can be fitted next to entrance gates
  • Integration with automatic doors and gates
  • Integration with CCTV systems

The video door entry system is a versatile security product for controlling access to residential homes, blocks of flats and commercial premises. The video telephone allows the resident to view a caller at the entrance, speak with them and have control of their access.

Automatic Doors.

English Security installs and maintains a range of equipment that automates existing or new doors.

Automatic doors will ease access to your home, business or public building, and are invaluable to the less-able, elderly and wheel chair users.

  • ADSA accredited
  • We integrate their operation into door entry or electronic access systems.
  • Remote control operation via key fob or radio fob
  • Manual push or pull to open
  • Various types of push to open buttons
  • Open by detection of person
  • Specialist and custom devices for easy use by the disabled
  • Doors will automatically close after a set time
  • All auto doors are installed with a safety feature that will stop the door or gate moving if someone (or something) is in the way, avoiding injury (or damage)